The apple trees were in bloom. Looking at the house for sale, Anne imagined herself in the garden, digging in tulip bulbs and potatoes. She felt the soft cushion on the lounge chair while sitting in the sun, watching her children play. She planned her 30th birthday party. It would be a surprise.

In this house there would be no loneliness in the living room, no boredom in the bedroom, no anger in the kitchen. It would shelter her through the divorce, support her through art and graduate schools, and safely embrace her before the move to New York City.

—Pat Horner

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Pat Horner is a painter/collage artist and writer exhibited and published in the US and abroad. Horner is a member of the Board of Directors of the Woodstock Artists’ Association Museum and a journalist, photographer, coach, teacher, publisher and editor at publications including the “The Woodstock Guide.” She’s currently writing fiction and memoir from Woodstock, NY.