“When I’m gone, bury me under the oak tree, it’s my favorite place.”
“But you’re not dying.”
“Everyone’s dying.”
“I don’t want to talk about this.”
“No one wants to talk about it.”
“You do.”
“I don’t. There’s some things a person doesn’t want to leave to chance.”
“Why the oak tree?”
“You know why.”
“We kissed there.”
“It’s where I learned to live.”
“What if I die first?”
“You won’t.”
“You seem certain.”
“I won’t walk this earth one minute without you.”
“That’s stupid. I’d want you to live fully. I’d want you to be happy.”
“I would be.”

Mariah E. Wilson is a writer from beautiful British Columbia. She has been published in The Loch Raven Review, Every Day Poets, The Kitchen Poet, Walking is Still Honest, Luciferous and The Corner Club Press, for which she is also now the Poetry Editor. 

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