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He hates things. That’s what he says every time she gets him a new T-shirt or a mug that will make him laugh. But things are your job she says. Most days they deliver a package for him. Something new, expensive, niche. He knows the courier guys by now, makes a point of explaining that he doesn’t buy all this stuff, that in fact he hates stuff but he’s paid to write about it. He writes things like ‘Buy. This. Now.’ and ‘Enter the Lowe-Pro Ranger Pro.’ He’s got cupboards full of gear and boxes of overflow on the floor.

–Nick Dall is a freelance journalist and author who has lived in Italy, Argentina, Bolivia and Vietnam. He’s now based in Cape Town, South Africa.

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I look at the stream behind the house and see water rushing violently. It has no memory or shame. It cares nothing for the damage done to the structure or foundation that time has created alongside the tormented boundaries of its existence.

The stream just flows, always ahead without looking back. It has forgotten and forgiven but I have not forgotten or forgiven myself for having done nothing other than make your life miserable.

However, I am not the stream nor have I learned its lessons, yet in my mind I am floating on the water without regrets or blame.

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Pat Horner is a painter/collage artist and writer exhibited and published in the US and abroad. Horner is a member of the Board of Directors of the Woodstock Artists’ Association Museum and a journalist, photographer, coach, teacher, publisher and editor at publications including the “The Woodstock Guide.” She’s currently writing fiction and memoir from Woodstock, NY.