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My oven is broken. It turns out heavy half-baked loaves that do not rise. My freezer is leaking. At random times, water runs out and pools on the floor. My faucet drips. Dishwasher won’t run. I absentmindedly threw a pair of pantyhose into the washing machine. They got tangled in the gasket. Now that leaks, too. So depressed, I have no energy to cry. My appliances are weeping for me. In a feedback loop of sympathetic dysfunction, turmoil is manifesting through my appliances. For twenty-five years, I was a housewife. It’s over. Kitchen Aids sob. Maytag mourns. Thermador trembles. Broken.


Desirée O’Clair is a writer in Woodstock, New York. She is currently completing her collection of short stories titled Naked At The Seder Table – Will I Ever Be Jewish Enough? She is also working on ELSIE, a one woman show based on telephone conversations with her crazy and much loved Aunt Elsie. Visit her website:

Looking out the high-rise window into a fog so dense that it blurs an afternoon sky deep into the thawing river, that wash of gray as far as everything, a world of gray, except for the squares of snow, which from above in high-rise relief appear as boxes of city park and tree guard and trash bin, you think about leaving.

Tomorrow isn’t different, except the sun shines, and the banks of the river suddenly appear, and you see the place on the cliffs where you went on that day trip—back when every rattling bus ride was an adventure.

–Sharon Rousseau is a writer, photographer and poet living in NYC and the Hudson Valley. Visit her website.